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Four Simple Ways to Make Your Web Page Look Good

Every writer needs a personal web page. However, many are boring and mediocre. Today, I am going to share four simple rules to an awesome web page. (Some of this is from my freelance writing Google+ post)

What your web page viewers might feel like....

What your web page viewers might feel like….

1. Design—A professional design can make your site look fantastic. But you don’t need to hire a web designer. Use a content management system, such as WordPress, and your own web domain, and choose a sharp-looking theme. Customize the background, colors, etc. until you get a look that you like. Spend time on this–it’s the first thing people see.

2. Interesting Content—This is the second-most important. Are people going to read what you write? If not, your writing might rock, but no one will read it.

3. Well-written Content—Garbled English, it’s or its mistakes, setencess that are nott spel cheked, they all stand out. Long, serpentine sentences that are far too complex in grammar and syntax or run-on train wrecks that are murky or vague, somewhat mildly abstract, that need to be read twice or three times to understand–avoid them. You’ll look foolish. Worse, you lose the reader’s respect and trust. Check your grammar, or hire someone to do it.

4. Organization and consistency—Organize your site. Readers won’t hunt for your content. Put pages into categories or menus. Spend some time and think it through now.

Creating a great personal web page isn’t hard but it’s crucial. Good luck with yours.

Keep writing!

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