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New Scrivener for Linux is out!

Scrivener for Linux

Scrivener for Linux

The wonderful folks who make Scrivener over at Literature and Latte have just released the new version of Scrivener for Linux.  This is version  For more information and a detailed review of Scrivener on Linux Ubuntu, read my earlier review, where I compare it to other software for creative writers on Linux.

This version has several additions that have been implemented into the Scrivener for Windows version.  (Keep in mind here, though, that the original Scrivener was for Mac OS, and it seems to be the most developed version.)

If you do any kind of long writing–novels, manuals, novellas, textbooks even, I suggest you give Scrivener a try.  It’s still free, and it’s a superb but easy way to organize your files.

This link will take you directly to the download page for Scrivener 1.6 for Linux.

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